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Is robotics important? Why do you need to learn it? Robotics is the key to the future in any field. Be it medical or sports, some form of robotics is always used. It is very important, but not many people can afford it or their school does provide it as a subject to learn. This is where we come in. Welcome to Robotics4All. Robotics4All is a non-profit organization that helps young underprivileged children innovate using robotics. With the help of volunteers we teach free robotics classes in government schools around Hyderabad, however we want to grow so we can teach classes all around India. In recent times the demand for out of the box thinking engineers has increased causing a spike of interest in robotics. Hopefully we can spread our knowledge of this crucial subject to children who may not have the resources for it.


Why Robotics?

Robotics is the key to the future. More efficient solutions to current problems can be solved with the help of autonomous robots. Robotics can also help sharpen key skills such as out of the box thinking, problem solving, and increased focus


Helps in problem-solving

Enhances fine
motor skills

Improves memory
power and focus

Imbibe innovative thoughts and critical analysis

Helps in the development of
language skills

Why is Robotics an essential subject at the school level?

Robotics is a fast-growing field both as a scientific subject and as an engineering application. It is an interesting, innovative, and practical pedagogy – a branch of engineering that specifically deals with the design, creation, and application of robots. Introducing Robotics at the school level is a way to ensure that young budding minds get practical exposure to Robots.

When young budding minds get practical experience of designing and playing with robots, they will get an idea about the future possibilities early in their life. It will not only invoke their scientific temperament but also make them more creative and cogent.

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Start Early, Start Better

It’s our responsibility to hone the skills of young children to make them future-ready. Integrated robotics courses early at the school level can open a new horizon for them, wherein they will be thorough with the science and engineering behind making robots as well as get a practical hands-on experience in designing their own robots.

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